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Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is a plant that was discovered by a dutch settler in the early 1800s. After its discovery, kratom leaves quickly became known as a source of energy and endurance by the natives who chewed the leaves on long treks through the jungles of Thailand. The leaves were traditionally chewed raw but may also be brewed into a tea or dried and ground into fine powder. 

In southern Thailand, the use of kratom has been common practice by natives for thousands of years. There is no stigma or discrimination attached to kratom use there, as its use is as common as drinking coffee in the United States. In fact, Thai employers in the 1800s were said to have preferred to hire workers who chewed kratom because they were found to be more focused and energetic.

Kratom can render both mildly stimulating effects and mildly relaxing effects depending upon the measurement used. At smaller amounts, the effects tend to be slightly more stimulating; and at larger amounts, the effects tend to be more relaxing. Most kratom users report an overall sense of well-being and willingness to work. Some have reported an increase in focus, attentiveness, and social confidence resulting from the responsible use of kratom.


Kratom is a close relative to the coffee plant. Similar to the use of caffeine if kratom is used daily in large amounts, it can become mildly habit forming. Some have reported caffeine withdrawal to be far worse than kratom withdrawal; however, this can vary for each individual. advocates only the responsible use of kratom.


There has been no documented evidence that all-natural organic kratom leaf can cause any harm to its user. In addition, studies about the medicinal uses for kratom are on the rise. It has been long reported that kratom has been used as an opioid receptor agonist like morphine and is used in the management of chronic pain as well as to treat a myriad of ailments including but not limited to: diarrhea, depression, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stomach parasites, diverticulitis, anxiety, alcoholism, and opiate withdrawal. In addition to the treatment of existing ailments, researchers are also beginning to study how kratom can promote healthier liver function, increased antioxidant levels, and increased levels of melanin for sun protection. Exciting new research about one of the active alkaloids in kratom, Catechin, has been linked to numerous health benefits. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is its effect upon stroke victims. There is a typical two to three hour time frame for the treatment of stroke victims, and epiccatechin was found to limit nuerological damage in mice when administered as long as three and a half hours after the stroke.

Kratom is being used as an alternative to opiate based prescription medicines. Kratom is being used in great affect to provide pain relief and of opiate withdrawal whether from prescription medication or recreational use. By substituting a strong habit forming opiate with Kratom many people have successfully weaned themselves off the semi-synthetic drug Hydrocodone, then reduced their kratom dose to live a drug free life. For those of us that have to manage chronic pain daily, Kratom is 100% natural.


Kratom is not a drug. Kratom is not an opiate. Kratom is not a synthetic substance. Naturally occurring Kratom is a safe herbal supplement that’s more akin to tea and coffee than any other substances. Kratom behaves as a partial mu-opioid receptor agonist and is used for pain management, energy, even depression and anxiety that are so common among Americans. Kratom contains no opiates, but it does bind to the same receptor sites in the brain. Chocolate, coffee, exercise and even human breast milk hit these receptor sites in a similar fashion.

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Two articles worth looking at regarding the effects of Kratom done by contributor David DiSalvo called The Kratom Experiment Begins and Results of my Kratom Experiment give a fair and balanced assessment of Kratom and the effects.  

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Controversial Kratom

There is a lot of controversy about Kratom abuse right now and we at have researched it extensively. We do not endorse, encourage, approve, or support the recreational use of Kratom in anyway.

We /our society as a whole are so quick to take any medicine like Tylenol for example for pain and yet most are unaware that Tylenol is bad for the liver, (Read the precautions). We take drugs of every kind for every ailment under the sun (which have dangerous side effects) because they are prescribed by a doctor and approved by the FDA. I'm not knocking doctors thank God for them and we need the FDA's oversight and protection, but much of what we believe is shaped by what we see, read and hear. 

The media's mess-sage about supplements--those substances regularly ingested as pills, powders and liquids by over one-half of all Americans in their quest to feel better and live longer--is decidedly mixed. We often read or hear stories about the benefits of taking supplements like vitamin E, St. John's wort or coenzyme Q10. Often these stories refer to published scientific studies demonstrating usefulness. A week later, we read or hear a report about the dangers of the same substance, with warnings by a designated expert to stay away from it.

This is not an article about the media or politics, but a few words about what's behind the news and what the media calls "science" are in order. Actually, one word is in order. The word is MONEY. Money vastly influences what is reported and the slant placed on that reporting. So where's the money? Most ads on the nightly news are drug company ads. And newspapers and magazines today are full of drug company ads. This means we should expect enormous bias against anything that would take away from pharmaceutical profits. Do you want to trust Rather, Brokaw and Jennings--or your own judgment?
Do your own research and remember, you can't beat the All Natural Source.  

The Health Benefits of Kratom Supplements

There are many nutrients that are hard to gain from our average daily diet, leaving us feeling unwell. Fortunately, we can adjust our diets to include more fruits and vegetables and take specific health supplements to boost our health. One supplement that you may not have heard about is called Kratom. It has many benefits, including helping people with drug-use problems detoxify their livers and help with addiction treatment. This supplement is new and has some controversy, but when you purchase from a reputable seller, as well as manufacturer, then you can be assured of both its safety and efficacy.

What Are the Main Benefits of Kratom?

There is a chemical within the leaves called mitragynine, which has similar painkilling effects such as opioids and morphine. But like marijuana, it’s more naturally sourced and considered safer than taking manmade drugs. It’s used commonly to manage withdrawal symptoms from heroin, morphine, and other opioid drugs. While it must be taken with care, it’s a much safer option than taken illicit drugs. 

And it’s not just the similar effects that Kratom has to illicit drugs that can assist addiction, it can also help with those nasty side-effects. If you’re having bad withdrawal effects such as nausea or vomiting, or even bad mood swings, Kratom will help to decrease these effects too. 

There are also other benefits to taking Kratom as it’s not just for people recovering from the use of drugs. 

It can be effective against depression and increase your mood. It can also be taken to relieve stress and anxiety, which is a major concern today with the housing crisis, low wages, and Covid-19. Kratom capsules or other formats can be taken to provide stimulant-like effects. In studies done, people have said they’ve felt more relaxed when taking this supplement, rather than drinking coffee which can raise the heart rate. 

The Kratom supplement can also be used for its pain-relieving properties. It can be effective for people with chronic pain conditions such as Lyme disease, arthritis, and tendon or muscular injuries. It will need to be taken in higher doses but has a sedative-like effective like prescription medication and can help with the additional issues of stress and anxiety when having these conditions. 

Kratom can be taken to manage flu bugs, colds, or Covid-19, as it can help to decrease coughing fits. Kratom can boost your immune system, which is just what you need when you’re exposed to a bad virus. There are alkaloids within the leaves that assist in strengthening the immune system. 

Kratom is much like caffeine, as it can give you a burst of energy. In Southeast Asia, people who worked in the fields would chew these leaves to give them the energy to complete their day. 

How Does Kratom Work?

Whether you take Kratom capsules, powders, or extract, it has the same benefits. Within the Kratom leaves there are specific chemical compounds. These compounds bind to the pain receptors located in your central nervous system. These provide analgesic effects (like aspirin which is also naturally sourced), and help to block the nerves from flaring up, 

Are There Other Health Benefits?

Besides the most common health benefits above, Kratom can also benefit people in surprising ways. One is that it can help improve your cognitive skills. This could be for people suffering the early effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s, or those who have had a brain injury after a bad accident. Taking Kratom powder, Kratom extract, or Kratom capsules can help your brain to function better. The supplement will assist your liver in properly processing food so that you gain all the nutrition and energy that your body requires. 

What Precautions Should I Worry About?

Women who are pregnant should avoid taking Kratom. There haven’t been enough studies done to know if it’s safe to take while breastfeeding, so it’s best to avoid during this time. Kratom is better for drug addictions and not effective for alcohol addictions. Since Kratom can increase the heartbeat, you shouldn’t take it if you have a heart condition. If you have other serious mental health disorders, it’s best to take your doctor-prescribed medication and avoid the Kratom supplement. Also, if you have any allergies take care until you are confident you aren’t allergic to this supplement. If you have any other concerns, please discuss with your physician. 

Remember how marijuana was illegal until pharmaceutical companies started testing it and figuring out how much was safe to use for health conditions? It’s possible it is addictive (but so are coffee, chocolates, and cigarettes), but many people with chronic or terminal health conditions may find it’s a better alternative than other harmful legal pharmaceuticals. Now, it’s easily obtained and up to you as to how you want to take it.

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Kratom has many health benefits that may be a better option than simply taking vitamins and minerals (though do that anyway). Kratom isn’t a supplement you just take because it will have benefits to your mind and your body. You need to carefully consider if it’s right for you, and even discuss with your doctor first. Follow all instructions on the bottle and take it on a regular basis. If you have some severe health challenges, then Kratom may be the safest way for you to recover. 

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Benefits Of Kratom Extract

Mood elevation, increased energy, appetite reduction, and appetite suppression are all among the many benefits of kratom. Depending on your individual circumstances, you can take different amounts. Dosages for each individual depend on age, gender, and weight. However, the following are the benefits of kratom:

Mood elevation

A recent ethnographic study from Southeast Asia suggests that abrupt discontinuation of kratom use is associated with a series of withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by users of opioids. This withdrawal-associated phenomenon is difficult to distinguish from physiological rebound. More research is needed to fully characterize the effects of abstinence from kratom. However, early reports of kratom consumption suggest that it may increase tolerance to work and calmness.

Researches have uncovered the presence of over 40 alkaloids in kratom, two of which are known to produce uplifting and sedative effects in humans. These compounds are commonly found in brewed extracts and marketed products. However, this research still needs more context, and more studies are needed to identify their receptor binding profiles and diverse mechanisms of action. In the meantime, scientists are working on developing safer kratom products and developing new ways to monitor kratom use.

The most common way to take kratom is in the form of liquid, which is sold in 10 - 12 ml bottles. Some consumers prefer to take it in powder form and mix it with their food, beverages, or supplements. Some consumers make their own liquid by steeping the leaf material in hot or cold water and adding it to their favorite drinks. This process has two distinct effects on the user: it enhances the body's ability to produce serotonin. Mood elevation with kratom can help improve overall health, reduce stress, and even decrease depression.

Stimulation of energy

If you are looking for a natural way to boost your energy, you should try kratom. You can purchase it from a reputable vendor online. You can also try it anytime throughout the day for an energy boost. Kratom can help you focus better and conserve your energy. It also contains mitragynine, a compound that enhances energy. To get the maximum benefit from this plant, you should start with a low dose and gradually increase your dose.
Researchers have studied the effects of Kratom and its many other uses. This plant is used in traditional medicine in many Southeast Asian countries. It has opioid and stimulant effects. It is also used as an antidiarist in South East Asia. However, there are some side effects associated with kratom use. It can cause withdrawal symptoms in regular users. Consequently, it is important to consult a doctor if you are considering using Kratom as a natural remedy.

Increase energy levels

One of the best ways to boost your energy is by taking kratom. Kratom contains high concentrations of mitragynine alkaloids, which are chemical compounds found in the brain. These compounds act on dopamine receptors and increase energy levels in humans. This chemical release helps people feel more awake and alert and fight fatigue. Moreover, the stimulating effects of kratom can help people focus better, concentrate better, and perform better throughout the day.

Reduction of appetite

Reduction of appetite with Liquid Kratom Extract is a great way to lose weight. This herbal supplement suppresses appetite and curbs cravings for high-calorie food. However, before using it, you should consume food first. Skipping meals may cause overeating. Besides, it may be addictive. Therefore, it is crucial to know your kratom dosage before using it. This way, you won't overdo it and end up losing weight instead.

To reduce appetite with Kratom, it's important to choose a blend of the recommended varieties. White-veined Kratom is the best for daily use, because it is light and reduces the risk of tolerance. Higher doses may cause undesirable effects. In addition, the recommended dosage of Kratom for weight loss is moderate. This amount varies for every person. Nevertheless, this blend of herbal extracts may prove beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight.

Final Remarks:

While the herb can reduce appetite, it won't help you lose weight by itself. You'll also need a healthy diet and exercise regimen to see results. Kratom can be used as a seasoning for your meals and can enhance their taste. It's important to talk to your physician before using any herbal supplements. While these supplements are generally safe, it's best to consult your doctor before using them.

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